How to Fix Android Keyboard Not Showing

For many people, the default keyboard that comes on their smartphone is sufficiently good. Every Android device owns its built-in keyboard but no matter how feature rich it is, the experience is still lackluster. One such instance is when the Android keyboard abruptly stops showing or suddenly disappears which can be problematic when you’ve to mail or text urgently.

This issue is very common and to witness that, there could be several reasons for the keyboard breakdown which include excessive keyboard cache, low device storage, temporary glitches, insufficient RAM availability, etc. If you frequently encounter this keyboard issue in Android devices then In this article, we’ll be looking forward to fix Android Keyboard Not Showing error.

Why Is Android Keyboard Not Showing?

The core reason why the Android keyboard is not appearing is because of an excessive storage of cache or a technical glitch. Looking for a fix for this situation is not difficult either. However, these are not the only reasons why the Android keyboard stops showing. The other reasons are listed below

  • An incompatible keyboard app update
  • Low storage on Android devices
  • Excessive keyboard app cache

Fix Android Keyboard Not Showing

Now that you know the reasons why keyboard may not be showing on your Android smartphone. Let’s move to the working fixes that will bring back the keyboard on your smartphone.

1. Reboot Your Device

The first thing that can be done to fix this issue is to reboot your device. In some instances, a simple restart can be a major life savior and can resolve this keyboard issue. To reboot your Android device, press and hold the power and volume up simultaneously.

Reboot Your Device

After successfully rebooting, navigate to System Settings > Language & Input > Keyboards. After landing on the keyboard input options, select the default keyboard from the listed keyboard that is installed on the device.

2. Clear Keyboard Cache

Whatever keyboard app you use, a bad app cache can be a barrier to proper functioning. However, it’s always recommended to clear the cache data in the app if you’re encountering temporary glitches in the app. Follow these steps below to clear the cache of the Android keyboard:

1. Launch Settings.

2. Navigate and search for ‘Apps’ or ‘Storage’ in the Settings menu to access the system apps.


3. Select Manage Apps

Manage apps

4. Search for the keyboard app in the app list.

Search for Keyboard

5. Hit on the keyboard you’re using and choose Clear Data.

Clear Data

After clearing the cache and data in the keyboard app, restart your device. This will clear all the cache and data that is existing in this app.

3. Leave Beta Tester Program

Beta testing programs help the developers to evaluate a complete overview of the true experience gained by the end-user based on real-life users. Most of the popular keyboard software like Google Keyboard, Swiftkey, Fleksy, etc., also brings a beta tester program to try out the latest features that are implemented ahead of official rollout. 

Leave Beta

If you’re a part of a beta testing program then it’s obvious to encounter such issues in the keyboard app. To leave the beta tester program, you need to revert to a stable version in the Google Play Store itself.

4. Update It to the Latest Version

Almost every app completely relies on the Play Store to update and deliver the latest set of features to the end user. Not only third-party apps, but most of the system apps (including Android keyboards) are also dependent on the Play Store for the latest upgrades.

If your keyboard app is not running on the latest version, then updating the application can fix this problem on your Android device. To update your keyboard app, follow the instructions that are mentioned below:- 

1. Launch Google Play Store and hit on the account icon placed at the top right position. 

Google Play Store

2. Hit on Manage Apps and Devices.

3. You’ll be notified on this screen whether there are updates available for your device or not. Select “Updates Available” and search for the keyboard app.

Manage apps and device 1

4. Select Update to install the latest update on your Android device. 

After successfully upgrading the keyboard app, it will start working properly again. 

5. Try Third-Party Keyboard Apps

Most of the users remain stuck with the stock keyboards themselves, be that Samsung Keyboard or Mint Keyboard by Xiaomi. This problem has been encountered a lot with old smartphones now and if you’re also facing such chaos, you can vouch for installing third-party keyboard apps from Play Store.

There are many Android keyboard alternatives available in the market. Some of them are Fleksy, Microsoft Swiftkey, Grammarly or Mint, etc. These third-party apps don’t eat up excessive apps and work like a charm. For example- Fleksy still works flawlessly on Redmi Note 4.

6. Free Up Storage on the Phone

The main reason for the lackluster performance is insufficient storage which affects the keyboard operations. You can solve this problem by allocating free storage in your device by deleting unnecessary, heavy or duplicate files. To delete them, launch the Google Files app or visit the Storage menu in the settings section to do so.

Free up Storage

7. Remove Apps That Are Running In the Background

If you’ve dozens of apps running in the background and your device only consists of 3GB or 4GB of RAM, it consumes a portion of RAM that affects the performance of the device. Since a Keyboard app needs a good amount of RAM to work properly, less RAM will affect its ability to work properly. Launch the multitasking menu and kill almost every unnecessary app from the system and try to launch the keyboard again.

Remove Apps That Are Running In the Background


How do I get my keyboard back on my Android?

When you update your Google keyboard, it could vanish from your keyboard list. To bring the keyboard back, follow the steps that are mentioned below:- 

  • Launch Settings on your Android device.
  • Choose System and then navigate towards Language and Input. 
  • Hit on Virtual Keyboard and later choose Manage Keyboards. 
  • Turn on Gboard to bring back your keyboard again. 

Why won’t my keyboard come up on a Samsung phone? 

There could be several reasons why the Samsung keyboard is not responding. To fix this issue, you can restart your device and then check if the keyboard has started working. If that doesn’t help then clear the cache, make up more storage, and try any other third-party keyboard app for your messaging needs. If nothing works out, you need to perform a factory reset on your Samsung device.

Final Words

This wraps up our article on Fix Android Keyboard Not Showing error on our beloved Android devices. After following every troubleshooting method, this should fix every problem that’s related to the keyboard.

This issue is very common and mainly happens because of excessive keyboard cache, low device storage, temporary glitches, and insufficient RAM availability. If you found this article helpful then do let us know in the comment section below.

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